Records Storage And Management. Easy. Accessible. Secure.

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Schedule a Pickup


1. You schedule a free pickup. We bring empty boxes to your office.

2. You pack the boxes, we take them away for scanning and secure storage.

3. You records sit safely in industrial-grade, water resistant plastic boxes in professional warehouses until needed again.

4. Tag, orgainise, categorise and search your records with our clever record management app.

Intelligent Record Management

We want to make sure that the information in your records are accessible to you even whilst your documents are safely stored in our professional warehouses. Our record management app will allow you to view, tag, organise, search, and download your scanned documents – so they’ll be easily accessible without getting in the way.


Cost Effective

Pay for the actual space used and for your desired duration, not a penny more! Say no to long cumbersome warehouse lease.


Professional storage with 24/7 CCTV, biometric access and security guards

Insurance Coverage

For extra reassurance, we offer super-affordable insurance from theft, water, fire, damage – pretty much anything


Not sure how many boxes you need? Get 5 boxes today, and 10 more tomorrow.

Doorstep Delivery

Wherever you are, we’ll bring your boxes to you, empty or filled. Same or next working day. No more trip to the self-storage

Customer Service

We are committed to delivering the ‘wow’ experience and your feedback makes us better. Drop us a line or give us an earful.

Intelligent Record Mgmt

Our intuitive search capability is self-learning and becomes smarter the more documents you scan and store.

Hassle Free

All-in-all, we make record management a hassle-free experience for you so you can focus on your core service.


Industrial Grade Security Box

We understand your legal requirement to keep your records, safe and secure, for several years. Each box can hold two neat stacks of files containing A4 paper (~5,000 pages). Our water-resistant, plastic boxes are especially designed to take extra care of your documents and ensure that you will get them back in the same condition.





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